A message from our president, Ed Wilson.

People from all over the world, for centuries have come to the United States of America seeking “the American Dream,” but what is “the American Dream”? Some will say that it is home ownership. Others will say that it is the chance to own a business or to get a good education. To many the United States was and still is the “land of opportunity.” Americans have always wanted their children and grandchildren to be better off than they were, to have more opportunity to do well than they had.

“The American Dream” may be different things to different people, but to all people it was a chance, through hard work and perseverance, to improve one’s situation in life, for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, today too many people are coming here for handouts and government is stifling opportunity for hard working Americans.

We want our children and grandchildren to live in a more prosperous land and time than we have been so fortunate to have lived in. We are working hard to return to the principals that made this country so great and lifted more people, all over the world, out of poverty than any other system of government ever in the history of the world. It is not about backing up but about getting back on the right path and continuing to improve lives.