It’s Your Tea Party

7:00 pm

Every Monday excluding federal holidays

Visit with your tea party…

Do you feel that government does not have your best interest in mind or that they are wasting tax dollars foolishly? Do you think that our country is headed in the wrong direction and are you unsure of what to do about it? Join us, learn about the issues, meet your elected officials and most importantly, learn how you can make a difference.

Non-Negotiable Core Values

  • Government must be downsized
  • Pro-domestic employment is indispensable
  • Strong military is essential
  • Special interests must be eliminated
  • Gun ownership is sacred
  • Illegal aliens are here illegally
  • The national budget must be balanced
  • Deficit spending must end
  • Bailout and stimulus plans are illegal
  • Reducing personal income taxes is a must
  • Reducing business income taxes is mandatory
  • Political offices must be available to average citizens
  • Intrusive government must be stopped
  • English as our core language is required
  • Traditional family values are encouraged

A message from our president, Ed Wilson.

People from all over the world, for centuries have come to the United States of America seeking “the American Dream,” but what is “the American Dream”? Some will say that it is home ownership. Others will say that it is the chance to own a business or to get a good education. To many the United States was and still is the “land of opportunity.”